I agree with the fact that professional organizations related to nursing are very crucial in ensuring the generation of energy, the flow of ideas and the proactive work needed to help maintain a healthy profession that is consumer-centered. Through the various communication facilities such the virtual world environment, nurses can be in a possible to effectively be aware of the issues that surround and affect them. Therefore communication can be seen as an important factor in ensuring that the nurses are able to analyze any information that affects them, and also they can come up with good mechanisms of dealing with any potential problems that may face them (Barkway, 2009).Due to the fact that there are many changes being experienced in the healthcare system, there is a need to develop major policies that will help to facilitate service delivery in the healthcare sector. Due to this factor, I believe that nurses should take the advocacy role seriously so as to influence the policy making the process by interacting with the political systems and other institution involved in the healthcare setting. In my own view, this advocacy requires the nurses to have the power , will and the time so as to be able to get involved with the policy making process, this is due to the fact that the field of legislation is totally unfamiliar to the nurses. I think that the health care system over the years has faced a lot of influence from laws and regulations brought by the government, without considering the views of the nurses, therefore a need to change this old system through the involvement of nurses in the legislation process. This can only happen through good communication among the nurses (Hamric, Hanson, Tracy, & Grady, 2014).Therefore  I agree with the suggestion from the post, which suggests that nurses should work as a team in order for them to have their voice heard in especially in the process of formulating legislations and other policies affecting the health care setting.I WANT A COMMENT FROM THIS POST, NO MORE THAN 150 WORDS AND A REFERENCE NEEDED.

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