Community Action Team – Social Inequality

Imagine you are the leader of your local community action team, and you are tasked with educating and addressing members of your community about a specific social inequality as well as inaccuracies and misinformation about social inequalities in general.Your goal is to write a proposal that will inspire community members to participate in an action team campaign. This campaign will bring awareness and promote action to combat that inequality in your community.Identify a social inequality that exists in your community to address in your proposal. Inequalities in economics and work, law and justice, or health and illness are discussed in the textbook.Examine aspects of cultural diversity that relate to social inequalities. In your examination, look for some of the causes and effects of those inequalities and consider strategies for eliminating them.Write a 525- to 700-word proposal to send to community members to promote opposition to this social inequality. Your proposal will be distributed to local businesses, universities, religious organizations, and social organizations.Include the following in your proposal:A list of community leaders, teachers, students, business employees (at all levels) you would like to be involved in the action team campaign and why you value their contributionsSpecific examples of the social inequality along with what you believe are some of the causes for this and how it affects the communityInformation that encourages participation in the campaign and demonstrates that the social inequality is truly an issue. Review theU.S. Census BureauandU.S. Bureau of Labor Statisticsfor more information.A description of how the campaign will make people aware of the inequality and what actions will be taken to fight for the elimination of this inequalityReview the rubric to be sure you have included what is required.Include a reference page at the end of the proposal. Use a citation generator, such as theReference & Citation Generatorin the Center for Writing Excellence for guidance on formatting your reference list using APA format. Consult theReferencespage on the APA Style website for assistance. Don’t worry about perfection. If you make a mistake, your faculty member can help, so please let your faculty member know if you have any questions.

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