Complete 15 Psychologist Interviews

I need these 11 questions answered by psychologists or as if you were a psychologist. I am looking for 15 attachments. The Questions will be answered by 15 different psychologists. So each attachment will have answers from a different person.APPENDIX BResearch Questions-1. Do you use social media in your personal life?  If so, which platforms do you tend to use most?  How would you describe how frequently you use these?  Probe: for entertainment, to stay in touch with family, to post updates on my family, to connect personally. (RQ2)2. What do you recall about the first things you posted online?  Today, how do you feel knowing that content you’ve posted is still online?  Probe: how big a concern is this for you?  Do you feel any personal sense of risk? (RQ2)3. As a licensed professional, would you describe yourself as more or less cautious about what you post online professionally or personally than you were in the past?  What would you say contributed to your approach? (RQ2)4. If you use social media professionally, which platforms do you tend to use most?  How do you use these?  Probe: how frequently or infrequently do you contribute content, like, comment, or share content? (RQ1)5. For a client or patient, how would you describe the potential benefits of social media use?  How did you come to view these as benefits?  Conversely, how would you describe the potential risks to the use of social media for your clients or patients?  How did you come to view these as risks? (RQ1)6. What guidance, if any, do you provide to your clients regarding the use of social media?  Is this provided in written or electronic form in your office?  Probe: do you have a brochure or website, do you encourage them to find communities, or do research? (RQ2 or RQ3)7. Have you ever received a “friend” request from a client?  How did you react to this? (RQ2)8. What comes to mind for you when you think about security while online?  Follow up: in what ways have you adjusted the security on any social media account out of consideration for any conflicts the disclosure of personal information might have on your personal or professional life? (RQ2)9. What role, if any, do you think professional organizations have in training upcoming practitioners about social media and its potential benefits or risks? (RQ3)10. What role do you think practitioners have in managing their own risks to privacy while online? (RQ2)11. For rural practitioners: As a practitioner in a rural area, how do you handle client confidentiality when you are likely to see clients outside of a clinical setting?  In what ways might this be similar to managing boundaries online, such as in the instance where you might learn something about patients via a social media channel or they about you? (RQ1)

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