Complete MSA Capstone Assignment help

Attached below are related literature/studies that you can use for the Week 2 activity which is summarized here.

Week 2      

Use these articles as the input for a brief literature review activity related to this research problem (why there is a high incomplete rate in the capstone class). Review the articles and extract at least three key points from the literature related to the primary research question (why students might not finish capstone-like projects) and the sub-questions.

Using the extracted facts write a brief narrative that discussing the points you identifed and how they relate to the research sub-questions. In your narrative cite your sources using proper APA citation style. Indent your paragraphs. Include the references section at the end (Be sure to use “hanging indentations” style to format the references). 

So that we can develop good practices for the writing activities that lay ahead, write your submission using paragraphs and APA style (indent all paragraphs). Do not use personal pronouns (instead of “I will …” say “This research will …”). Also cite all sources and use APA citation style to do so.

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