Create Treatment Plans

or this week’s assignment, you will review the video role-play from the week on strategic therapy. Utilizing this role-play example, you will write two mini treatment plans from two different theoretical perspectives. For this assignment, pick two models that you have learned about in this course from this list:StrategicStructuralSymbolic ExperientialHuman Validation ProcessEmotion Focused TherapyBowen IntergenerationalContextualPsychoanalytic Family TherapyCognitive-Behavioral Family TherapyThen, write two treatment plans for this mother and child in the video clip, each of them based on a different model.To achieve this, you will carefully consider a goal that your model might focus on and lay out the three phases of therapy and the objectives within those phases. Additionally, you will consider the interventions of that model to indicate what you think a therapist using that might do to approach that goal.Overall, this could be a general guideline to your treatment plan:Goal:Initial phase objective(s)Therapeutic interventions to meet this objectiveWorking phase objective(s)Therapeutic interventions to meet this objectiveClosing/termination phase objective(s)Therapeutic interventions to meet this objectiveAfter completing two treatment plans, reflect on the process by answering the following questions:What challenges or struggles did you encounter?When you view the case from a different “lens”, what were the similarities and differences of each treatment plan?Length:  2-3

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