Creating an Internal IT Audit Team

Part 1

Creating an Internal IT Audit Team
Remember that an IT audit is only as good as the team that performs the actual work. You will practice creating an internal IT audit team in this module. As you consider your team you need to address the follow items:

1. Identify the focus for the team

2. Select key positions from which to fill your team

3. Identify key traits or skill sets to look for in members

4. Consider outside assistance such as consultants

5. Make an argument for or against co-sourcing

6. Determine how these audits will add value to the organization

Your assignment is to write a 3 to 4 page paper that addresses each step above. Your paper must include at least two different sources (use credible sources such as peer-reviewed articles, expert blogs, and the textbook, for example). Your well-written response should be formatted according to current APA guidelines, with any sources properly cited.


Part 2

Auditing Wireless Networks

Investigate and clarify why wireless networks deserve special attention when it comes to the auditing techniques you will use. Careful consideration should be placed on the following points:

· Identify the additional risks inherent with a wireless networking environment

· Discuss the audit objectives for wireless auditing techniques

· Select several of the tools available for wireless auditing procedures to discuss in your paper

· Argue both the advantages and disadvantages of wireless networking concentrating on the corporate enterprise environment

· Special attention should be placed on wireless hardware and mobile devices

· Scrutinize the GAWN certification and its place in the industry

Your assignment is to write a 3 to 4 page paper that addresses each point above.

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