Critical Analysis of academic literature that deals with a playwright’s work, English homework help

The purpose of this assignment is to encourage your engagement with the academic literature that deals with a playwright’s work. With each play, we will be reading 2-3 secondary sources – articles about the plays themselves that offer an analysis. Everyone is expected to read the secondary sources. However, there will also always be a few people responsible for each of the secondary readings. For your assigned readings, you will post to a discussion board a 4-5 paragraph response that answers the following question:

In what ways does the secondary source’s critical analysis increase your understanding of the playwright’s work?

Make connections to the play for us. The connections should include quotes from the article and quotes from the play itself. The goal here is to build your skills reading secondary sources and considering how they expand your reading of a work. This should then inform how you use sources in the critical analysis papers for support. You will each do two of these assignments during the course.


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