Cultural Psychology Paper

Papers will be a minimum of 4 pages each (approximately 1350 words) and no longer than 6 pages. Proper spelling and grammar, format APA, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font, 1” margins, Don’t plagiarizeI have uploaded the content chapters 1 & 2, feel free to pick any definition to write the paper. Please answer the following questions: Your task is to write about what it would be like for you to become a part of this culture.What would be easy?What would be difficult?Would you be accepted by this group or is your way of life too different?What benefits would you have from joining this group?What would you lose?Make sure to incorporate how the topic you picked from the reading related to your new experiences.Writing Prompt: Travel to a place that has a culture that is unfamiliar to you. This may be a religious place (church, mosque, temple, etc.), a cultural area (a cultural museum, park, gathering, festival, etc.), or you may seek out a group of people that share a cultural background that is unfamiliar to you (a student club on campus). Before you go, pick a topic from the reading that is interesting to you (motivation, emotion, development, etc.). Meet and speak with people there and learn about them and their culture so that you can learn firsthand about the differences between your own culture and theirs.

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