Depression is a really big problem in our country and in the past it was stigmatized as a weakness, assignment help

Depression is a really big problem in our country and in the past it was stigmatized as a weakness. I think a lot of people that are suffering are afraid to have a label applied to them that could possibly affect their mainstream life. Depression is used in the media as a stigma for people that have went on killing sprees or underwent acts of terrorism, with the media and politicians making statements about people with depression being labeled so that they can t purchase a firearm or pursue certain career paths its no wonder that people are afraid to speak up and seek help. I dont by Advertiser” target=”a652c_1477005573_onlinecolumbiasouthernedu_228004″>think anyone likes to be labeled, I suffer from depression that is medically related to some of my other issues and its hard for me to want to talk to anyone about it because it sounds like a pity party coming out of my mouth. There isnt an easy answer to this situation, I do take a medication that helps me regulate my moods but as far as getting professional help from a therapist I have tried it and the professionals are robotic. It seems that all they want is to knock the hour out and get you back out of the office, I have found that in the medical industry it is becoming more common place. The doctors I see have told me that they are only suppose to spend 15-20 minutes with each patient and move on to the next. How can you make a person feel at ease enough to talk to a person about some of the most intimate details of their lives? In 20 minutes how can you as a doctor portray that you care and will do everything you can to find the answers that they need to get better? Medical issues should not be like taking your car into the shop were they are going to move it in change the oil send it out and your on your way. What happened to physicians being compassionate and wanting what is best for the patient? Why does it seem like all they want to do is poor pills down your thoat and have you come back in 4 weeks? These are things that keep a lot of people for reaching out for the help that they desperately need.

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