Designer Babies

For this assignment you are to read the following article: (Copy and paste the link in google) article discusses recent advances in genetics which may make it possible for humans to select not only the sex of their babies, but possibly many other genes and characteristics. After careful study of the article, you are to write a 2 PAGE PAPER, DOUBLE SPACED, no font larger than 12, giving your personal support of or arguing against modifying or selecting a baby’s genetic makeup. If there are specific instances which you think would be appropriate for genetic modification, but others which would not be appropriate, you may argue both for and against modification, with rationale for your opinions. You are not required to present any other research findings. However, if you wish to use other research to support your argument, feel free to do so. This assignment will be submitted via Turnit in and checked for plagiarism.*This assignment supports the development of the Institutional Competency for Effective Writing.

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