Designer’s Baby Assignment

I have attached a link for a video below that needs to be watched before you answer the 4 questions. After you watch the video, please answer the following questions in an enumerated list:1) Given that scientists can edit physical attributes, they can alter psychological ones as well. How will this new power affect humanity?2) Because extraversion and neuroticism have 2 of the highest known heritability levels, scientists could more easily edit the genome to impact these two traits. What are some of the personality traits you think we should use this technology to change? Are we gods now?3) In this piece, Jennifer Kahn discusses the use of genome editing to develop disease-resistant mosquitoes. These bugs could knock diseases such as malaria and Zika. This sounds so cool, right? What about the development of a mental-illness-resistant human being? Does that sound as cool? Could it possibly have any negative drawbacks? Explain.4) Do you see any connections between this technology and, say, Hitler’s ‘final solution’ which he attempted between 1933 and 1945? Explain.

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