Discrimination in Society, writing homework help

1) Think of the last time that you felt discriminated against, what were the circumstances, how did you feel?

2) Think of the last time that you may have discriminated against someone else, by your comments, actions or thoughts, what were the circumstances, how did you feel?

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3) Do you think that our society will ever be free from prejudice, racism and discrimination in terms of race, creed, gender, social- economic status, sexual preference, etc? Why or why not?

4) What do you think Martin L. King Jr. accomplished, or did not accomplish, by his fight for civil rights and his non violent civil disobedience philosophy?

5 How would you compare Malcolm X  with King in the fight for civil rights?

6) How do you think women are still discriminated against today? Looking at your families, do men and women share the same responsibilities? Do the men and women in your family view each other as equals?

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