Discussion 1: Factors That Influence Job Attitudes

Attitude is a crucial component in an employee’s success and longevity at an organization. Therefore, many organizations design hiring processes that assess a job candidates’ attitudes. For example, leaders at Southwest Airlines have designed specific interview questions to determine if candidates are engaged and demonstrate a fun-loving attitude. Equally important to hiring for positive attitudes is ensuring that employees maintain positive attitudes after they begin working at the organization. In order to do so, it is important to understand various factors that affect employee attitudes.In this Discussion, you examine critical factors that have affected your own attitudes in the workplace and why such factors are important for job satisfaction and performance.To prepare for this Discussion:Read this week’s Learning Resources. Pay particular attention to the elements that form attitudes and the individual and environmental factors that affect attitudes such as job satisfaction, organizational commitment, employee engagement, job involvement, and organizational citizenship.Identify three critical factors that have influenced your job attitudes in your current or past organization. Reflect on the similarities and differences among these factors and why each is critical for job satisfaction and performance.By Day 3Post a response to the following:Compare and contrast three critical factors that influence your job attitudes in your current or past organization. Explain why these factors are critical to job satisfaction and performance.

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