Discussion 1 – Performance Appraisal System Contributions

Processes for assessing employee job performance and demonstrated competency are typically developed by human resource management professionals at an organizational level and generally apply to all jobs (Pulakos, 2004). The framework may differ depending on the model followed regarding sources of feedback, what feedback should be used, and how it is used. Factors such as a person’s level in the organization, required technical competency, and behavioral standards, all weigh in to what is to be evaluated and how it is to be evaluated (Pulakos, 2004). It is important that the performance model used produces valid, reliable, fair, useful, and cost-effective results in supporting personnel decisions. In evaluating all components of a performance appraisal, it is important that each component add value to the overall process; otherwise, it should be eliminated.For this Discussion, select two performance models.Post by Day 3 descriptions of the two performance models you selected. Then, explain how those performance models might add value to the performance appraisal process. Provide concrete examples and citations from the Learning Resources and current literature to support your post.

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