You have been invited to attend a school staffing for your 16 year old student John. The school reports that John has been acting out in school as evident by skipping classes, fighting, and disrespecting authorities. The school suspects that John is using drugs. As John’s case worker you know that John is in fact using drugs, because he has disclose this this to you in confidence. You also know that John’s same age girlfriend is pregnant with his child. No one else knows. 

In a 1-2 page paper, discuss what information you can and can’t share with the school. Defend your response. Be specific. Give examples. Use credible sources where appropriate. When using in-text citations be reference your sources. 

Rubrics: Please follow rubrics for all possible points. 

Paper is 1-2 pages in length. 5 pts

Identifies all confidentially issues with the case scenario. 20 pts

Defends and explain which information can be shared. 35 pts

Spelling and grammar mechanics . 5 pts

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