Writing up research is not a task that all teacher-researchers feel confident in doing.

1-Describe the benefits for a teacher-researcher to take on this task.

2-What are some strategies identified in chapter 9 that will assist you in writing up your action research study?

3-Describe two or three strategies and how they will assist you with this process.

4-Referring to the sample annotated action research article on page 242, “‘Come to my web (site),’ said the spider to the fly: Reflections on the life of a virtual professor,” identify the format of the article. Write a brief descriptive statement that captures what you will include in each section of the paper.


The assignment must be completed using the APA 7th edition is required.

Represent the quotes (author, year, and page).

3 Pages

Use the charter for the information.


Mills, G.E. (2018). Action Research. A Guide for the Teacher Researcher. Pearson.


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