Discussion Board 4 & 5

Discussion Board 4400 WordsIslam is often viewed as a monolithic religious movement over against the great diversity within Christianity. Describe the diverse elements within Islam, including the sects and cultural expressions (i.e. folk Islam). What has led to this diversity? In your response evaluate the connection given between the theological and cultural factors and the resulting diversity of Islam in various countries and cultural settings around the world.Discussion Board 5400 WordsRead Parshall as well as the assigned articles from Wijngaards, Hartman, Engelbrecht and Hahn, and Geisler. Then, offer a thorough biblical response to one (1) of the following objections Muslims have to the Gospel: the Bible has been changed, Christians worship three gods, or Jesus did not die on the cross. In your response, evaluate strength of the biblical response given and discuss any additional scripture or arguments that might be effective.

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