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Paul and Ava are parents to 3-month-old Kevin. After giving birth, Ava decided to spend several months at home caring for Kevin, but she plans to return to her full-time job as soon as her 12-week maternity leave ends. Some of Ava’s friends have expressed concerns about her returning to work so soon, and Paul’s parents are worried that Kevin may experience learning and behavioral problems if he begins attending child care at such a young age. Ava enjoys being a stay-at-home mother, but she and Paul could really use the income Ava’s job will provide.Using research in the text as a guide, what advice would you give Paul and Ava?Do their friends and family have valid concerns? Why or why not?What types of support can Paul provide after Ava returns to work?What qualities should Paul and Ava look for when choosing a child-care center?PLEASE ONLY ANSWER QUESTIONS REGARDING TO THIS POST.TEXTBOOK IS ATTACHED FOR REFERENCE.

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