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Formulate a thread of at least 400 words to answer the questions at the end of the following scenario: A disgruntled and recently fired employee shows up to the local factory parking lot. When he sees his former boss arrive for the morning shift, he gets out of his car and grabs a former coworker and takes her hostage, holding a gun to her head. As he holds her hostage in the parking lot, he’s screaming at his former boss to give him his job back or he will shoot the woman he has hostage. Another employee, seeing what’s happening, dials 911 from her car. Within minutes, the police arrive and surround the disgruntled employee. The standoff ends when the employee puts the gun to his head and shoots himself, leaving the hostage and other employees unharmed. You are called to hold a debriefing with the victims in the parking lot that day.As the crisis responder, who are the people you’re likely debriefing? What are their likely symptoms? How does your debriefing differ from long-term counseling? What will you look for in the victims to determine if they need long-term counseling? How can short term approaches, such as CISD, complement long-term approaches of counseling?USE THE TEXT AND REFERENCE IT..tHE COMPLETE GUIDE TO CRISIS AND TRAUMA COUNSELING BY DR. H. NORMAN WRIGHT CHAPTER 9

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