Discussion intellectual Assessment and Legislation, psychology homework help

350 words in length. Please no Plagiarism.

Web Reading and link

Please access the following website:

Source: Clinical Assessment: Pearson Education, Inc.

Retrieved from http://www.pearsonassessments.com/

Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will see Browse Assessments, and select three of the assessments.

Specialty Areas (i.e. Clinical Assessment, Post-Secondary Assessments, Learning Assessments, etc.) that Pearson offers. For each of the selected specialty Areas explore and review the variety of assessment tools and services available for each. Note what specific type of assessment process each product is (Intellectual, Achievement, or Aptitude).

Topics: Intellectual Assessment and Legislation

Provide discussion related to one specific strength and one specific weakness of the process of intellectual assessment. Be sure to provide detailed information to back up your discussion based upon the readings in this unit.

Discuss the relevance of legislation on the processes of achievement and aptitude assessment. Be sure to include details that are typically related to the readings and the Web link from this unit. What might be some advantages or disadvantages to legislation.

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