Discussion Question:

Last week, you watched a series of videos that discussed the importance of the humanities.  Many students who are pursuing fields in science and technology often ask why they need to take humanities classes in college.  They often feel these classes are of little value and a waste of their time.  Chair of the School of History and Sociology at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Eric Schatzberg, argues that the humanities are “central to our conceptions of technology and science”  because “technology is about people as much as things.”  Read his argument,”Want to fix the tech industry? Start with the humanities?” (Links to an external site.)(Download Article HereDownload Download Article Here) which was published in The Washington Post in 2019.Once you have read the article, choose at least one point Schatzberg makes to support his argument, summarize it, and explain if you agree, disagree, or do a little of both.  What reasons or arguments can you give to support your point of view?   Then, go one step farther with the point you selected from Schatzberg’s argument to uncover the argumentative strategies he’s using to make his argument.  Is he employing ethos, pathos, logos, or a combination of these?  How can you tell?

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