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please login in at https://campus.purdueglobal.edu/login:LeshaelaWilliamsDamarcio1030assignment:Linear equations allow us to use math to model the real world. Linear equations can be used to determine the sale price of a sweater on clearance, the cost of a taxi ride, how many yards of material you need to make a banner for the football team, or how many plants to buy to border a walkway. On the Unit 3 Discussion Board, we will use what we know about linear equations to prepare for a salary negotiation.Congratulations! You got the call. You are the newest sales rep for Vandelay Industries. You have an appointment with your manager next week to negotiate your pay package. Thanks to the Unit 3 Discussion Board, YOU are going to be prepared!Post 1For Pay Package One, you will be paid a weekly salary and a percentage of your sales. To determine your pay, use the equation, P = w + rs, where P is your pay, w is your weekly salary, r is the commission rate (written as a decimal) you earn on sales, and s is your sales for the week.Choose a weekly salary, w, between $200 and $500.Choose a commission rate, r, between 2% and 10%.Choose sales between $10,000 and $100,000.Calculate your pay for Pay Package One making sure to show the original equation and all steps to solve the equation. Review an example of a response for this Discussion.RESPONSE PATRICIA_W= 400R= 8% = 0.08S= 70,000P = W + RSP = 400 + 0.08(70,000)P = 400 + 5,600P = $6,000The Pay for Pay Package One is $6,000Post 2Help out one of your classmates by showing what will happen if a lower weekly salary, but a higher commission rate is used. Choose one of your classmate’s posts and adjust their figures as follows.Cut the weekly salary, w, in half.Add 4% to the commission rate, rKeep the sales, s, the same.Call this Pay Package Two. Repeat the calculation from your classmate’s post with the adjusted weekly salary and commission rate. Show the equation and all steps to solve the equation. Review an example of a response for this Discussion.RESPONSE BARBRA:w = 400r = 6%=0.06s = 20,000P= w + r, sP= 400 + 0.06 (20,000)P= 400 + 1,200P= 1,600The pay for Pay Package One is $1,600.00Thanks my friends,Post 3You are trying to decide which pay package is best. One way to compare the two packages is to see how much Vandelay Industries’ newest team member must sell for the pay from the two packages to be equal. Set the equations from Pay Package One and Pay Package Two equal to each other and solve for s, sales for the week. Show the equation and all work. In your opinion, which package would be the best deal for you? Why?Review an example of a response for this Discussion.RESPONSE DAILIA:Package One=Package Two500+0.08s=250+0.8s500=250+0.08s250=0.08sS=4,800In my opinion I would choose package one because the salary is higher.Discussion GuidelinesIn this unit’s Discussion, you will interact with your classmates on the course content. Remember, your goal for Discussion Assignments is to ensure that:Responses are on topic, original, and contribute to the quality of the Discussion.Responses make frequent, informed references to unit material.Responses are clearly written.You submit two or more Discussion Board responses to classmates as described in the Discussion Question that are thoughtful and advance the Discussion.Keep in mind that when you post, you should include references to the textbook and any material found online. The class is all about sharing knowledge, so use Discussions as a way of creating a community resource for yourself and your classmates.PLEASE FOLLOW FULL DIRECTIONS FOR FULL PAYMENTS THANK YOU!!

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