discussion social work competence

The term competence connotes a level of preparedness for addressing issues and maintaining a high standard of practice with clients. Competent social workers have completed adequate preparations for licensure, and they are appropriately credentialed. They adhere to ethical practices by maintaining professional boundaries and honoring commitments to confidentiality. How might you demonstrate your competence as a social worker? How can you recognize competence in other social workers?For this Discussion, review this week’s Readings. Think about elements in the articles that denote competence.https://www.socialworktoday.com/news/eoe_041410.shtmlhttp://www.socialworkpolicy.org/research/evidence-based-practice-2.htmlBy Day 4Post a description of at least two criteria that define competence in social work. Give an example of each criterion of competence and justify your selection.By Day 6Respond to at least two colleagues who wrote about two criteria different from yours. In your response, suggest an additional example to support each of your colleague’s criteria.

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