Dr. Manhattan through his hero jouney ,English homework help

write two pages explaining the following:

1. First page will be about how love was a hero test to Dr. Manhattan through his hero jouney. Which means that how his girlfriend got old and he loved a new one. Also, showing a detailed love jouney and how and why this was a test for him since he didn’t get older but the other people are. 2-3 quotes from watchmen book are required for this page. Plz be detailed about this issue only, I don’t wanna a summary of his life. Thanks.

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2. Second page will be about the message he got at the end of his hero journey. It is the where he realized that humans are using him. Detailed explanations about the messege and a short part of what he does after that. 2 quotes are also needed from the book.

The page numbers are needed for the quotes. MLA 8 format plz. I hope I will get a tutor familiar with the watchmen and hero’s journey .

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