Egoism, Relativism, and Pragmatism Forum, English homework help

Choose one topic for your initial post.  Copy and paste the question at the top of your response (this does not count toward the total word count). Your response posts (RPs) should be posted to IPs addressing the two remaining questions.

  • Relativism: Consider an element of your culture’s social code that other cultures have criticized. Describe this to your group. Is this based on an objective moral standard, or a subjective culturally-developed value?  Response posts (RPs) should discuss whether this element is objective or subjective and why.
  • Egoism: Explain the idea of “us and them” that is created by ethical egoism. What problems occur when we divide people into these categories? Responses posts (RPs) should point out what problems have been overlooked in the initial post (IP) and add material; avoid basic agreement and reiterating the IPs points.
  • Click here to view a video on Pragmatism. Do you feel that political figures in the United States struggle with pragmatism? Support your stance with theory and current events. RPs should effectively support agreement or disagreement.

Note: In this discussion forum, you will not be able to see the posts of other students until you have made a post of your own.

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In each discussion forum, the object is to increase understanding of many different ethical views. Keep in mind the Principle of Charity. We have a responsibility to be open to new ideas about ethics here, just as you each have a responsibility to be open to your patients’ views. This openness includes the new theories introduced each week and the participants’ views expressed in the forum. Seek to understand a view or concept before criticizing it. If your understanding is incomplete, ask respectful questions targeted at the ideas, and not the person expressing them. Answer questions honestly and with respect.  We also have a responsibility to express our own views in such a way that invites discussion.  Avoid stereotypes and labelling groups or people, discussing ideas respectfully without use of irrelevant information about the arguer.  Avoidance of the ad hominem fallacy is crucial to ethical discussion.  This does not mean that disagreement is off limits! Disagreements are best made with support and respectful discourse and questioning. Going back to your own Initial Post (IP) and addressing questions is a great way to show respect for others who have asked questions in their Response post (RP) to your IP. 

Three posts are required each week.

  • Create your Initial Post (IP) to your assigned question, using the following as the post subject: YourLastName IP QUESTION 1 (or QUESTION 2, as appropriate).
  • Incorporate at least one piece of support from this week’s reading assignment(s), cited and referenced Using APA formatting.
  • Reference your sources at the bottom of your post.
  • This post must be 250-350 words. Neither the quotation, nor references count toward the word count.

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