Elementary lesson plan and assessments

B. Determine learning goals and objectives for this lesson, which will later be
incorporated into your lesson plan. Write an essay (suggested length of 1–2
pages) in which you:
1. List the learning goals that define what you expect students to know and be
able to do by the end of the lesson. (These goals must align with learning
goals and/or objectives the classroom teacher has established.)
C. Create an original assessment plan to monitor student progress toward learning
goal(s) related to mastery of social science concepts. Your plan must include a
written pre-assessment, a formative assessment, and a written post-assessment.
Note: You will include the administration of a pre-assessment and a postassessment
from your assessment plan with your lesson.
1. Provide blank copies of your pre- and post-assessments.
2. Write an essay (suggested length of 1–2 pages) in which you:
a. Explain how your assessments align with the learning goal(s) and
b. Explain how your assessments authentically measure student learning.
D. Using the attached lesson plan format, develop your original 30–40 minute lesson
plan. You will need to incorporate specific strategies to increase student
comprehension of the content you will be teaching. Submit this lesson plan as an
attachment to this task.
1. Develop one of the following original lesson aids to include in your integrated
lesson plan:
• An appropriate worksheet or practice sheet
• An appropriate instructional game for 2–4 students (describe the game and
its rules in 1–2 pages)
• An appropriate 10-question quiz
2. Include in your integrated lesson plan one visual aid that complements and
extends meaning in the context of your lesson.
WGU Lesson Plan Format (0913).docx

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