english questions (some on Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine) need done asap!

(8.)Which option best identifies a complex research topic?
1. a paper that investigates the link between stress levels and caffeine consumption among women age 31–35
2. a paper about how coffee consumption negatively impacts the lives of young women
3. a paper that focuses on the three most important health concerns associated with caffeine consumption
4. an investigation of the negative effects of coffee consumption

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(9.) Which answer best represents an open-ended research question?
1. How much more does it cost per person to vacation at an amusement park rather than a state park?
2. Are amusement parks popular vacation destinations even though they are expensive?
3. How do amusement parks draw business during an economic downturn?
4. Where do Americans get the money to go to amusement parks during an economic recession?

(10.)  Read the scenario:

Letitia is trying to find out if board games can be used to teach children to manage money effectively.

What is the best source for locating this information?
1. Visit the library to find books about the effectiveness of educational toys.
2. Do an online search of educational board games.
3. Read the informational pamphlets produced by the manufacturers of the money management games.
4. Search a database of the names of the games that she is interested in.

(11.) Read the scenario:

Ken is writing a research paper about the effects of advice columns on young men’s perceptions of relationships. He has found an article published in a 2009 issue of Men’s Magazine entitled, “More Than a Pretty Face: Learning What to Look For to Find the Woman of Your Dreams.” The author is a regular contributor to the magazine.

How relevant is this source?
1. The author seeks to provide advice, not document the effects of his advice on his audience.
2. The article is written by someone who does not have medical or psychological credentials.
3. The author wants his readers to be successful, so there probably is not very much to criticize in the article.
4. The article may be too outdated to be an accurate gauge of current advice columns

(12.) What evidence of bias can be found in a newsletter about a political candidate?
1. The newsletter features several quotes from the politician that state his opinion on critical issues.
2. A picture of the candidate is featured on the front page of the newsletter.
2. There is data in the newsletter that shows the current levels of support for the candidate.
4. At the bottom of the newsletter is a line that indicates that the candidate’s opponent produced it.


(13.) What step can you take to ensure that you do not plagiarize when summarizing?
1. Always place any ideas you have borrowed from your source in quotation marks.
2. Always include a source attribution before including the ideas of your source in the text of your paper.
3. Always include a full citation of each source after you include it in the text of your paper.
4. Always include an in-text citation after you have completed your summary of the source.

(14.) What is one consequence of plagiarism?
1. It can cause you to be blacklisted from publishing in scholarly journals or communities.
2. It can cause your personal relationships to be damaged.
3. It can lead to mandatory counseling and treatment.
4. It can cause you to be permanently banned from using academic libraries.

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