Enterprise Information Systems Security: A Case Study in the Banking Sector

Use the following template as a guideline to develop your assignment. Enter your answers on the template to keep them organized.

  1. The case outlines the Enterprise Information System Security framework with policies for Security, Awareness, Access Control, and Top Level Management Support. In addition to those policies, suggest three more security policies to help mitigate risk against security attacks. Distinguish the controls among people, technology, and business process operations. Use the template to discuss each new policy.
  2. Classify the security controls to support each policy according to preventive, detective, and corrective measures. 
  3. What additional steps should you take to improve the company’s information security system? Would you suggest an audit?
  4. What recommendations would you give the bank CIO for how it might select a security management maintenance model? Include graphics if available.

The template and case study are attached , we have to go through the case study and a prepare 3 tables as in template  

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