Environmental World History

How would you rank revolution (political revolutions in the colonies), colonization, and industrialization in importance for understanding our modern world when you consider our current relationship with the environment? [40 pts]

  1. Uses specific examples from lectures in weeks 7, 8, 9, & 10 [15 pts]
  2. Uses specific examples from Ross(Intro), and Marks chapters 4 and 5 [15 pts]
  3. Take into consideration not only our current social, economic, and political structures but also our relationship with the environment [10 pts]

You can cite lectures (Mevissen, Meiji Japan) and book material (Ross 16) or (Marks 110), etc

Please use an example from each file I uploaded as well as use an example from the chapters i listed below. The book is called Marks the origins of the modern world:

Marks, Chapter 4: The Industrial Revolution and its Consequences, 1750-1850, pgs. 97-125

Marks, Chapter 5: The Gap, pgs. 127-160

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