Erik Erikson Assignment

According to Erik Erikson, infants develop either trust or mistrust and toddlers develop autonomy or shame and doubt depending on how people in their social world interact with and guide them.

Describe two parent/caregiver actions that will lead to the positive resolution of trust, and two behaviors that will lead to the positive resolution of autonomy.  Be specific and detailed.  What does Chapter 7 suggest as strategies to encourage trust and autonomy?

Hint: In answering this question think about parenting strategies that promote a sense of trust in the people and places in the infants world.  Remember this is the first 12 months of life.  What can parents do to promote a sense of independence and self rule for toddlers, 12 -18 months.  These are very basic but important tendencies that we want our children to possess.  These qualities will affect them for the rest of their lives.

I will send you the chapter related to this assignment and please cite within your answer. Example for citing: (Berger, [page #])

Berger is the author of the chapter of the book I’ll be sending you.

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