Choose a foreign country which you would like to research in terms of the history of the accounting standard setting process and the current standard used. In addition, select a company that operates as a multinational enterprise in that country. Depending on your company, you may need to refine and limit your search results due to the many sites that may come up for your company. You need to make sure that you are able to obtain a copy of the annual report for this company. You must use the original annual report the company files with its reporting body such as the SEC. There are several options for obtaining a company’s annual report. The best place to start is the company’s website. Make sure that you can access the annual report in a language that you are able to read. Remember to cite your sources according to APA formatting guidelines, which you can access through the Resources tab. If you are still struggling to find an appropriate site please check the following:

Any of the Big Four Accounting firms may also have some good information.

Example:  Air France-KLM is based in France and uses the standards of that country.

Once you have selected your company and country, please do the following:

In a minimum of 1 full page, prepare an essay and discuss why you made this selection. This is your rationale. Also, make sure your main ideas on why you selected this company are stated clearly and precise so the reader can understand why you selected this company.

Make sure your paper is free of spelling and grammar errors. Your writing should exhibit appropriate, audience-specific tone and vocabulary tied to the purpose of the research.

Make sure to include an introductory and conclusion paragraph with your essay

Include an APA formatted title page and reference page. Remember to include properly formatted references for the websites that you’ve selected for your research.

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