Air pollution


there is an outline about <air pollution>. this is an English essay (for someone who is study in language school). so, use the word as simple as u can please. it requests 1000 words.  Give it to me in as soon as when done. Use the APA style please.

Here is the outline: u can do some change on the outline. But point it out please

Air pollution

Hook: what is the most important thing for all the animals and people live in earth?

Problem: cut down lots of trees, cars made CO2 every day, factories let out dirty air.

Thesis statement: the air pollution affect earth, affect the plants and animals, also affect 

our self.

Solution 1:

Government should restrict citizens use cars every day.

1. use limit line for all the city

2. restrict to offer new plate number.

3. Make subway and other public transport perfect.

Solution 2:

Be careful the dirty air let out from factories.

1. an inspection team work for supervise factories.

2. Laws about factories affect air pollution.

3. Use fine from factories to planting the trees.

Solution 3:

Air pollution care for life

1. use air purifier in home.

2. Stop make too much lampblack when cooking

3. Planting plants in own garden.

Thesis: air pollution is affect people life.

Summary: 3 solutions for how to solve air pollution. Restrict cars, supervise factories, air 

pollution care for life.

Final thought: air is the energy to keep life for every biology in the earth. People should 

clean air for themselves, also for animals and plants.

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