Experimental Methods in Psychological Research on Nail biting being a mental disorder

Hypothetical research questions, “Nails biting is a mental disorder or just a bad habit”.

Choose between-subjects methods such as: randomized two-group design; randomized multigroup design; matched-groups design; matched pairs design; or the matched-multigroup design, and discuss why this method would be best to use. 

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Provide a detailed description of how you would use this method in the study, and include a brief discussion of how to handle the problem of error- variance.

If a between-subjects design would not be adaptable to your study and it may not be, that is why there are so many different types of research designs, explain why it would not.

Could the study be altered to make it work?

Topic 2: Within-Subjects Designs

Again using your research question select one of the within-subjects designs ( not a between-subjects design, as done for Topic 1) (such as the single factor two-level design or the single factor multilevel design). 

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a within-subjects design, and describe ways to minimize some of the problems inherent with this approach to experimental research. 

Do you feel that this would be a good method to use for your hypothetical research study? Why or why not?

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