(Expert in Psychology) (Psychology Major) 650-700 word…….SEE attachment

In your initial post, explain how the APA Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct can be used to guide decisions in this ethically complex situation. Provide a suggested course of action for the clinic staff. Given the daughter’s age and the situation presented, integrate concepts developed from different psychological content domains to support your suggested course of action. Be certain to use evidence-based psychological concepts and theories to support your arguments. You may wish to consider the following questions as you construct your post.Should the staff encourage the daughter to inform her mother that she is sexually active?Would knowledge regarding her daughter’s sexual activity influence the mother’s stance regarding disclosure?Should the staff break confidentiality and inform the mother that her daughter is sexually active?Should the staff encourage the mother to inform the daughter of both her and her daughter’s HIV status?Does the daughter’s boyfriend have any rights in this situation? If so, what are they?Based on the daughter’s age, does the mother have a right to not disclose the diagnosis to her daughter?Does the mother have a right to the privacy regarding her own diagnosis, which could be threatened if her daughter learns of her own status?Are there other approaches the staff can take? If so, what are they?Is further information required in order for you to create an ethically sound suggested course of action?

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