Explore how the functions of personnel psychology support the purpose of industrial psychology.

This is an industrial psychology assignment.1.I’m going to attach the instruction sheet for you so you know what to do first.2. I have already a case study, I only need some answers to the questions below written in simple language.3. The answers should be paraphrased not exactly taken from the case study word by word.my case study about Harrodshttps://ohikereo.wordpress.com/2014/05/07/an-analysis-of-how-the-implementation-of-a-human-resource-information-system-may-subdue-communication-problems-in-organizations-with-a-case-study-of-harrods/I’ll provide you with (Wal-Mart case study) already done by another student so you can follow the same steps, and to help you with my assignment

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