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Use this first reflection to express your feelings (500 words) about spending (almost) an entire semester talking about race.

Be honest here…If it were me, I wouldn’t be thrilled. I’ve heard so much rhetoric surrounding race. I feel saturated in the topic sometimes.

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But, an entire semester spent talking about feminist issues would be divine! And why is that? Simply put, I’m a white woman. Issues of race don’t affect me as deeply as feminist issues do. Right? (Oh, trust me…we’ll get into the intersection between racial oppression and the oppression of women). Nope.

That was how I used to think…my very raw, honest views were that race issues didn’t affect me. Until I learned to de-colonize my mind and open up to race as not just black as race, but whiteness as race, as well as African and Indian and Asian and Latino/a and gay and transgender…you see where this is going?

While each of these groups experience oppression in different ways, it is still oppression. It is still painful. And it affects us all. It’s both racial and cultural.

I believe in the Black Lives Matter movement. And I refuse to qualify that with, “oh, but of course I feel all lives matter” because, duh… To be more adult about it, though – I don’t need to qualify my belief that there is a community that is hurting and in need of allies with the placation that “everyone’s a winner!” People (myself included) need to get over themselves and see the bigger picture.

And, my friends, that’s what I hope our discussions on race will accomplish…we will continue to get over ourselves, de-colonize our minds, and grow as critical thinkers, writers, speakers and people.

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