Extra Credit #1

https://www.kanopy.com/product/tough-guise-2TOUGH GUISE (Links to an external site.)Each answer should be a minimum of a paragraph (A paragraph is 4 sentences). Feel free to write more. Font should be 12 point.1. What’s the difference between Katz saying that violence is about violentmasculinityrather than about violentmales? Explain.2. How is homophobia relevant in this conversation about manhood? What about sexism? Do you see a common thread between how homophobia and sexism work to keep young men in line with cultural norms of manhood? Explain.3. What can we do to help men and boys to feel they don’t need to put on a”TOUGH GUISE” (Links to an external site.)to be seen as “real men?”Reminder: Once you log into the Kanopy website, make sure to sign in with your FIU credentials.CREDENTIALS:kdelo008Cancer1234!

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