LIVING WILL (up to 10 points)Create a living will, discuss with family members/next of kin/significant other, and provide a copy to me (note, it does not have to be executed, but should be far enough along to potentially be executed).  Remember you must provide a summary of the discussion with your family members/next of kin/significant other to get credit.You can find templates here: http://aging.utah.edu/programs/utah-coa/directives/(Links to an external site.)Here: https://intermountainhealthcare.org/ext/Dcmnt?ncid=520261563(Links to an external site.)Or other places.WATCH GATTACA AND ONE OF THE OTHER FOLLOWING MOVIES (up to 8 points):Lorenzo’s OilMy Sister’s KeeperExtraordinary MeasuresWitFor each movie, provide a 2-3 page paper on the ethical issues the movie presents and how you react to them/would deal with themFINAL NOTE -At the bottom of your extra credit assignments, please copy and paste the following and sign (electronically is fine) your name where it says ____________ (your name):”I certify that I have watched the above movies/episodes in their entirety, and the work I have provided is my own.  Signed _________ (your name)”

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