Final Project: Intervention or Support Plan-6411-wk10

Introduction to Final Project—Intervention or Support Plan (Due Week 10)Throughout this course, you will view media of combat veterans discussing their experiences with the military, their combat experiences, and their reactions to trauma, crisis, and stress throughout their military careers.For the Final Project, select one of the combat veterans you see in the media provided in your resources. Develop an individual or family treatment or support plan with recommendations that you might use if you were counseling, supporting, or otherwise assisting this individual with traumatic reactions and supporting his or her family.Your paper length should be 8–10 pages. In your paper, you should do the following:Describe the social work role in which you are working and explain how you might come across the individual you selected in the context of your own work.Identify one trauma or combat reaction the veteran is experiencing or has experienced.Explain the symptoms and stressors commonly experienced by military personnel associated with this traumatic reaction.Describe how you might support this individual’s family; explain ways in which they may be affected by the trauma reaction (include stressors upon spouses, significant others, and children).Describe the intervention or the type of support that you would implement, and explain why you consider this intervention or support appropriate or effective.Explain the details to the intervention or support plan.Describe any potential challenges you might experience implementing this intervention or support plan or engaging the combat veteran or family related to this intervention or plan.Describe how you might address those challenges.Describe recommendations you might make for the combat veteran or the family.Justify your intervention or support plan using the current literature.Select at least five journal articles, citing evidence-based information for your plan.For submission details, refer to Day 7 of Week 10 in the Weekly Dashboard.

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