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In this module, you learned about the changes that occurred in Europe during the early modern period. You explored the economic and cultural changes effected by the expansion of Western civilization. You also learned about some of the ways Europeans exploited human labor to build bases of power.

Label a map with four cities (Florence, Lisbon, Rome, Wittenberg) that were connected to the major developments during the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Counterreformation, and the Age of Exploration.

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Develop a slideshow for demonstrating the legacy of the Renaissance, Reformation, Counterreformation, or European exploration in the four cities. Remember that this demonstration is for the benefit of students on a tour of European sites and should include:

  • one image of an artifact or place within the city
  • at least one complete paragraph to explain the significance of that artifact or location to its related period
  • at least one complete paragraph to explain the role the city played during the Renaissance, Reformation, Counterreformation, or period of European exploration

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