For anyone that has seen the movie American Beauty?

Could you please help me answer a few of these points?

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Consider the traits, actions, and motivations of specific characters, and/or the qualities of the relationships between characters. What is the rhetorical significance of these aspects?

What is the context surrounding the film. What was going on in the country or the world at the time this film was released? How does that context shape the message of the film?

Is there an over-riding message (a thesis) the film is ultimately supporting? What might that be, and why? Offer your opinions to your classmates, and support your reasoning with specific examples from the film.

Does the film make appeals to Ethos, Logos, and/or Pathos? In what way? Why do you think the filmmaker made those decisions?

What is the tone of the film? Why was it composed that way?

Who is the intended audience, and what about the film makes you determine that?

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