For chrisbenjamin: Discussion post – Future of social psychology

1. Discussion post – 2-3 paragraphs. Use attached articles.After completing this module’s readings, where do you see the future of  social psychology going? Do you think we are heading in a different  direction?How can we use the sociocultural perspective and social neuroscience to help improve our social well-being or social welfare?2. Journal entry – at least 2-3 paragraphs. Use info from previous assignments from the last 10 weeks.Initial Entry: Reflect on the readings and research in this course  and consider the information and perspectives that are vital to your  emerging professional interests and your view of the role of psychology  in the world. In your post, respond to the following questions:What do you feel are the most important pieces of information that you have learned?How has learning about classic and contemporary social psychology  issues and research informed your understanding of real-world issues and  problems?Can you find any trends in social psychological research that can be used to improve social welfare?How well can social psychological research help effect social change?What ethical issues should current and future researchers take into  consideration as they design new studies in order to positively impact  society?Follow-Up Entry: In a new entry, synthesize what you have  learned during this module’s blogging activities. Has your thinking  changed from exchanging ideas with classmates and experiencing their  viewpoints?

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