For Essays Guru – Quality improvement initiative

One way informatics can be especially valuable is in capturing data to support quality improvements in practice. Nurse leaders play a pivotal role in leading and managing quality initiatives that impact patient outcomes, safety, and health care organizations’ compliance with regulatory agencies. For this assignment, you will locate1-2 quality measuresand determine how that measure will be incorporated in nursing and provider documentation. You will formulate requirements and a plan for collecting and reporting the data. You will also reflect on how you would lead and manage such a project.In a paper of 1,500-1,750 words, address the following: answering each questionIdentify the selected quality measure(s).Describe your plan for collecting the data related to the measure. What key information/fields would be needed in the database for you to capture the needed data? How would this data be mapped to the quality measure(s)?What role would the advanced registered nurse play in ensuring the correct data is captured? Which additional systems and staff members would need to be involved in the design and implementation process and team?What professional, ethical, and regulatory standards must be incorporated into the design and implementation of the plan?How would you communicate any necessary changes related to your plan to any affected stakeholders?Describe the leadership skills and project management knowledge you would employ to successfully collaborate with the interprofessional team in this scenario to ensure your facility is providing evidence-based care to its patients?You are required to cite5-10 sourcesto complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last five years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and nursing content.

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