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Discussion 1In response to Charlie and Arielle posts, discuss some of the differences you notice between Impressionism and Romanticism based on each classmate’s example and the historical context in which they describe it (e.g., even though loose brushstrokes are characteristic of both Impressionist and Romantic paintings, the meaning conveyed in each style is different and reflects their respective historical/social contexts).Charlie postCamille Pissarro’s Landscape at Chaponval (1880), Style: Impressionism, Media: oil, canvas, Location: Mus?e d’Orsay, Paris, France, and? Dimensions: 65 x 54.5 cm. Impressionist at the time frowned upon. and told that they were ruining what society thought was art. It wasn’t until later years that it was depicted and respected as a style of art. At the time the impressionist artwork was still breaking away from Paris’s annual Salon. the examples given were perfect examples of impressionism from that time.The piece I chose was painted in lots of dabs on the canvas, all put together it is a beautiful piece. It was painted in en plein air meaning out in the open. I believe this piece is very social because of the natural depiction of what he sees which happens to be a woman out in a field with a cow and the grass is leaning showing natural movement. And giving it some depth with the tiny houses in the background and an open and beautiful sky is just peaceful.Arielle postImpressionist artists were influenced by the reconstruction of Paris and also by scientific advances in paint technology and color theory. These innovations allowed the artists to work in different kinds of light and explore the way it interacts with colors in their works (MindEdge 4.17). They focused on the brief initial reaction to a scene and tried to capture the overall impression without including tons of detail.One work that exemplifies the characteristics of Impressionism is Édouard Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergère (1882). It is an oil painting that measures 3’2” by 4’3”, and resides at The Courtauld Gallery in London. Manet explores the effects of lighting sources in his piece with light coming from both many different lamps. The result is that the woman at the focal point is illuminated and stands out from the darker colors of the bar surrounding her. Most of the background in the reflection is undefined and vague, while the bartender is quite detailed in contrast. The setting of the portrait is casual and the subject is not posed, which are key aspects of Impressionism.Discussion 2Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:Discuss the concepts of hypothesis testing, including what you are evaluating, when it should be used, and the differences between a one- and a two-tailed test.Describe an example from your own personal or professional experiences where you could apply a hypothesis test, and discuss how knowing that information helped you.Discussion 3Watch the Connect video “Conformity and Obedience.” In your initial post, address the following:Consider a historical event, a popular media story, a classical experiment discussed in the text, or the events within an individual’s everyday life (yours or someone you know) and offer an example of how conformity and obedience has played out. Keep in mind that there can be both positive and negative outcomes.In what ways did the individual or individuals who were affected use their own judgment or follow the rules/judgments of others?

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