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ONE PAGE LONGListen to the TED Talk, The Neuroscience of Restorative Justice. Who is the speaker? What are his credentials? What is the point of his discussion? How does this relate to the lecture notes and chapter on deviance? What is his conclusion? What do you think?ONE PAGE LONGWatch the Video, The Changing American Family, CBS. Describe the families you see here. Do you see your family? Describe your family. How is the American Family changing?ONE PAGE LONGListen to the TED Talk, The Charter for Compassion. Who is the speaker? What are her credentials? What is the point of her discussion? What examples does she use to make her points? What is her request? What do you think about her request?ONE PAGE LONGRead the article, The Recentness of What We Know. What is the actual topic of the article (be careful!) What are the main points about this topic? How does this relate to social science and sociology?ONE PAGE LONGIn the Articles folder, read The Importance of the Clan in Iraq. Using the Culture notes and chapter discuss this article. Who is speaking? What are his main points? How is this relevant to Culture and Sociology?ONE PAGE LONGRead the article, Class Decides Everything. What is the author’s point? What classes is he talking about? What is class? HOW does “class decide(s) everything?”ONE PAGE LONGRead the article, Brothers Share Wife to Secure Family Land. Using the notes from Marriage and Family, what kind of marriage is this? Why does this society/culture have this form of marriage? How does it secure the family land? Be sure to answer sociologically, not just from personal opinion.ONE PAGE LONGRead the article, Too Close For Comfort. Who is the author? What makes her qualified to write about this? What are her main points? What do you think?

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