Frankenstein, Research Novel Paper help

Prompt for Research Novel Paper on Frankenstein

For the Research Novel Paper, you will write an argument about Frankenstein following the below requirements:

  • Use MLA standards for formatting and citations etc.
  • Type in a standard, easily readable 12pt. font
  • Type double-spaced in black ink
  • 7 full-length pages, including Works Cited on page 8
  • 4 peer reviewed critical articles from scholarly journals such as found in journal indexes and databases like JSTOR or MLA Bibliography etc.
  • If you access the articles from the above sources or through a word search of the Library home page, using the tab for articles
  • Include at least 8 quotes from Frankenstein
  • Do not use paraphrases or summaries of quotes
  • Do not use block quotes (see MLA)
  • Properly introduce each quote
  • After each quotation from both the novel and critical journal articles, discuss it thoroughly in relation to Frankenstein and your argument—explain the significance/meaning of the quote
  • Use MLA guidelines for parenthetically citing all quotations and for your Works Cited

You will primarily be graded upon whether or not you are providing a critical argument about the novel—the research paper should be a literary analysis and NOT a book report or review. You will write an introduction with a thesis statement arguing a point about Frankenstein. Incorporate quotes from the required critical sources and novel as a part of your analysis and argument. Your paper must have a narrow, focused thesis that argues a point that reasonable people could disagree with and that is supported by the text (Frankenstein). Your paper should discuss your argument consistently and coherently throughout the paper.

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