Global Psychology 4

Please select & respond to 2 of the prompts below in paragraph form. 2 POSTS = 500 WORDS IN TOTAL. Your choice of which 2 prompts.1.  Compare and contrast an independent view of self versus an independent view of self according to Markus and Kitayama in relation to main points about self-identities and in-group/out-group relationships.2.  Jack and Jill are best friends, but they are very different from each other. Jack thinks of himself as very interdependent. His in-group includes his mother, his best friend (Jill), and his baby brother, while his out-group includes his doctor. Jill thinks of herself as a very independent person. Her in-group includes her brother, her best friend (Jack), and her husband, while her out-group includes her coworker. Based on Markus and Kitayama’s model, draw a diagram for Jack and Jill, separately, that depicts their relationships with other people.3.  In establishing a new tyrannical society, your tyrant, Teresa, is going to decide how people will go about performing their tasks. Teresa appears to have strong opinions about everything—except for agriculture. She does not care whether it is done in a method that requires immense strength and working with dangerous animals or one that is more laidback and only requires simple tools. She believes that this is especially irrelevant for gender relations in the future. According to Boserup’s hypothesis that gender norms tend to be preserved when societies shift from agricultural to industrial, do you agree or disagree with Teresa’s perspective—and why?4. You are in a store with your friend Sarah, and you want to figure out whether she is motivated to strive for consistency within herself, or with others, by asking her how much she likes a stuffed animal in the store. Design a study, with her appraisal of the stuffed animal being the dependent variable. Then, graph the different patterns of results associated with whether Sarah strives for consistency within herself or with others.5.  As a graduate student in the Department of Music, your thesis seeks to answer the question of whether a singer’s anxiety level during performance is associated with different forms of self-awareness. Design a study that would allow you to examine this question. In your response, make sure to use the appropriate terms for the different forms of self-awareness.

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