Grumpy Old Men

This is based off the movie Grumpy Old MenGrumpy Old Men (Guide for Movie Response)1. Describe and discuss the following media images of the elderly in the movie Grumpy Old Men: a. elderly as villains • no more poverty • war between the generations • support pyramid • not doing their share b. elderly as desperately poor c. elderly as comical, stubborn, eccentric or foolish d. elderly as sexless e. elderly as sick and near death f. elderly as ugly g. elderly as childlike—infantilization • moods and personality of children • dress and appearance of children • physical problems of children • children’s parties • children’s activities • playthings of children2. Describe ways the movie attacks ageism—look for the following, for example: • is the diversity of the elderly addressed? • is the positive accentuated rather than the negative? • is the aging about living or about suffering and dying? • is the movie targeted for the elderly, minus 15 years? • are the elderly characters put on a diet? • sense of humor? • are the elderly sexless? • does the movie look at the future of the characters or does it focus on life coming to a close?3. Are there gender differences in the movie’s treatment of aging? That is to say, is aging portrayed differently for the male characters than for the female characters? Explain.4. What makes the movie funny? Or is it not funny, and why? Are older people being made fun of through stereotypes of older people or are we laughing at something else? Explain.5. What expectations would people having coming in to see this movie for the first time? Does this movie fulfill those expectations? Explain. How would we gauge the audience response to the movie as they watched it?6. How is the title of this movie important? What are the connotations? Is it ageist? Explain.7. Discuss the following factors in understanding the effects of this movie on the older viewer vs. the younger viewer: • socialization experience of the individual • predispositions the individual brings to the movie situation • context of the message • physical environment of the movie • emotional environment of the movie • geographic environment of the movie • credibility of the source • one or two-sided argument

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