Health Assignment

This is assignment I do not want external source, use the textbook “DRUGS and SOCIETY the 13th Edition. If not adhere to my assignment instructions I will dispute my case after buying the answer from whom so ever I gave this assignment to help me with because, I have the textbook myself. Also, this questions can be found at the end each chapter.Chapter 4What are the similarities and differences between neurotransmitters and hormones?Why is it important for the body to have chemical messengers (such as neurotransmitters) that can be quickly released and rapidly inactivated?Chapter 5Why might the blood-brain barrier prevent a drug from having abuse potential? (You can find the answer to this question in p. 167)How does the concept of drug “potency” apply to the therapeutic use and the abuse of drugs?Chapter 6Which feature of CNS depressants give them abuse potential?Why is long term use of the benzodiazepines more likely than short term use to cause dependence?

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