History of architecture questions

Would you kindly answer the questions below one paragraph each. pales use this Source.pdf  to answer the questions.

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1. Contrast the organization of the Chinese Courtyard Home with the Japanese Minka. 

2. In a short paragraph, compare Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s and Charles Perrault’s designs for the Louvre. Why was Bernini’s proposal rejected?

3. We know that written treatises were influential in both Asian and European design traditions. Give a few examples of how the Roman Vitruvius’ Ten Books on Architecture and the Chinese Kao Gong Ji affected architectural and/or urban developments.

4. How does the idea of Absolutism play out in architecture/design? List and describe an example from at least two traditions that reveals the underlying political structure in design.

5. Pope Sixtus V is known for what? Discuss his ideas (what was he trying to do?) and why his simple plan was so fundamental to the development of the city of Rome.

6. Discuss the pyramid as a building form in Mesoamerican architecture. What was the symbolic intent?

7. How is ornament (painting, sculpture, structural elements) used in the architectures we’ve studied? Consider the Mayan stelae, the Chinese and Japanese bracketing systems, or Italian Baroque sculpture. Select one of these and discuss what the decoration reveals about the culture and its approach to design.

8. Compare and Contrast the Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau Movements. Be specific.

9. How did industrialization affect the field of architecture? Consider this question from as many perspectives as you can.

10. Define the term “rationalism” as it applies to design. Be specific. 11. Define the term “romanticism” as it applies to design. Be specific.

12. Consider the Picturesque Movement. Where did it originate, what influenced it, and what were its primary tenets? Be sure to give an example of how these ideas were manifested in the built environment. 

13. In his Contrasts and The True Principles…, A. W. N. Pugin set out a series of comparisons. What were his goals in this book?

14. What does William Morris lay out in his Arts & Crafts Manifesto? What is he responding to? And, what are his objectives?

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